our team

Hamak is a team of passionate digital marketers helping SMEs to achieve their business goals. We combine creativity and efficiency to drive impactful ideas. We aspire to share this expertise with you. Challenge us!

The team

We are Hamak: each member has
unique skills and work experience in digital marketing
Consultant en marketing numérique

Alexandre Thériault-Lachance

Associate and cofounder

Consultante en marketing numérique à Montréal

Sophie Girouard

Associate and cofounder

Gestionnaire de campagnes médias numérique

Benoit Bédard

Paid Media Director

Stratège numérique

Sophie Naert

Account Director

Chargée de projet web

Ophélie Rames

Web project manager

Directrice artistique

Mathilde Gaillard

Art director

Analyste numérique

Alexis Lesot

Digital campaign manager

Gestionnaire de campagnes

Gabriel Thiery

Digital campaign manager

Analyste numérique

Audrey Déry

Digital Analyst

Rédactrice numérique

Élise Henripin

Web content specialist

Développeur web front end

Simon-Pier Moquin

Web developer

Designer web

Morgane Breand

Web Designer

Analyste comptable

Tarek Boutemine

Accounting analyst

Créatrice de contenu

Juliette Marzano

Content creator

Our digital marketing experts dedicate themselves to every collaboration through the simplification of data analytics, as well as the sharing of knowledge and sound policy advice.