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Website design

Create a unique online experience, while facilitating the search process through the website and its referencing in different locations.
A website that is more interactive and meets users’ requirements 10x faster

By enriching the user experience, the number of pages viewed has increased by 60% and the time spent on the website by 120%.

Reaching a high number of monthly visitors, offers a digital environment centered on the discovery of gourmet eateries. The recipe combines a thoughtful and targeted user experience to the strength of natural referencing. Constantly evolving and present in different Canadian cities, the platform requires a state-of-the-art environment with intelligent navigation, visual appeal and quality referencing.

Goals and challenges

Create an appealing browsing experience that highlights the strong visual content and is optimized for mobile search.

Design a system that can efficiently manage multiple sites at once, while ensuring strong local SEO in a shared content context.

Develop a search engine and an interactive map that filters thousands of articles and search criteria at optimal speed.

Our approach

The navigation has been designed to help discover recommended eateries. Users can quickly browse Tastet's recommendations based on their location and preferences. The website relies on a mobile-friendly and fast-loading web design. Ergonomics put the best ranked recommendations, lists (charts), staff favourites and “essentials” forward. Users can also use the custom search engine by filling in the homepage search bar or using the interactive map. They can also browse a selection of options: Establishment type, feature, budget and time of the visit.
  • A search and filter engine that allows the analysis of thousands of results in less than 200 milliseconds
  • A unique dashboard for all websites with the possibility of sharing content.
  • A bespoke advertising management system with infinite possibilities.
  • Management system of canonical links and SEO that boost the reach of each article.
  • Intelligent, dynamic map system that manages hundreds of points and filters, and automatically links results to articles. Geolocation.