Our workplace culture

Off the beaten path

Creativity and authenticity

We are committed to harness the full potential of digital technology with plenty of fun along the way! We want to grow  in an environment where individuals are put forward and everyone feels free to share their thoughts and ideas ?

Beyond the screen

Our fun side

At Hamak, we know that life can’t be spent in front of a computer screen! Boules, foosball, happy hours, BBQ at Mount Royal… We’re even fan of tropical remote working! We know how important it is to clear our minds, enjoy the sun and benefit from a flexible schedule: It’s what makes us who we are!☀️

United we stand!

All these fantastic people make Hamak what it is. We share similar values and a passion for what we do. We aspire to a flexible, open and collaborative way of working where people can fulfill themselves and give free rein to their ideas.